Submissions, Warsaw 2018

WG7 Armed Forces and Society

This does not reflect the final program for the conference.



Panel 1

Andrius Bivainis, Research Methodology of Recent Western Interventions in The Middle East: Defining the Role of The Strategic Culture

Bharati Sharma & Sanjay Tignath, Misinterpretations   of   Religion  Causing    War; With   Special Reference to   India

Mateusz J. Kuczabski, The System of Basic Health Care in the Crisis Situation After the Use Weapons of Mass Destruction


Panel 2

Marianne Bouchard, Abd El-Krim in the French Rightist Press: Portrait of a Rogui and Rifi Rebel 

Barbara Drapikowska, Women and Security – Polish Armed Forces as an Example

Lotte Jæger Bank-Nielsen, Rikke Haugegaard, Søren Lillelund-Holst, (Wo)men at War: A discussion of gender diversity, masculinity and officers’ education in the Danish Armed Forces


Panel 3

Thomas Randrup Pedersen, To the Edge and Back: The New Spirit of Adventure Among Danish Expeditionary Forces

Kamil Mosiński, Territorial Defence Forces – Polish Response to Changes in The Security Environment

Agata Wawryszyk, Difficult Exit Negotiations of The Soviet Army - a Condition of Recovery Poland's Full Sovereignty


Panel 4 - Round table

Round tables can take any form that is useful to the participants in the working group, and will be organized at the discretion of the working group chair. Chairs may also decide to forego the roundtable option in order to allow participation in other panels. 


While the traditional panel involves presentations followed by questions and answers, a roundtable will normally be more interactive, and involve the audience as well as the people on the roundtable, in a free-flowing discussion like a seminar.