The President of ISMS 2023, Professor Dr. Niels Bo Poulsen, Royal Danish Defence College

Niels Bo Poulsen, Professor, Dr.

Niels Bo Poulsen is director of Institute for Strategy and War Studies at the Royal Danish Defence College, Copenhagen (since 2008). Prior to that he worked for ten years in the Danish Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Niels Bo Poulsen is MA in History and East European Studies from Roskilde and Copenhagen Universities (1996) and holds a PhD from Copenhagen University (2005). The topic of his dissertation was the Soviet Investigation of Nazi War Crimes during and after the Second World War. Niels Bo Poulsen is author of a substantial number ofbooks and articles on the two world wars, contemporary Russian military affairs, and war veterans. His works have been published in Danish, Dutch, English, German, Norwegian, Russian, Swedish and Ukrainian. Currently Niels Bo Poulsen is heading a project on the Danish armed forces’ international missions since 1990. He is also editor of the section on military history of the Springer Handbook of Military Sciences and editor-in-chief of the peer reviewed journal Fra krig og fred [From war and peace] published by the Danish branch of the International Commission of Military History. His most recent book is War, Genocide and Cultural Memory. The Waffen-SS, 1933 to Today (Anthem Press, September, 2022) co-authored with Claus Bundgård Christensen and Peter Scharff Smith. 

Recent publications in English:

Christensen, C.B.; Poulsen, N.B. & Smith, P.S.: War, Genocide and Cultural Memory. The Waffen- SS, 1933 to Today. Anthem Press, September, 2022.

Poulsen N.B. & Stürup, M: ‘Danish Perspectives on the War of 1864’, Krig og fred – Krieg und Frieden. Wegmarken der deutsch-dänischen Geschichte 1848 bis 1955. Zentrum für Militärgeschichte und Sozialwissenschaften der Bundeswehr, 2022.

Poulsen N.B.: ‘Military History – an introduction’, Sookermany, A. (ed.), Springer Handbook of Military Sciences. Springer Press 2022.

Poulsen, N.B. & Brask, H. (eds.): Denmark and Lithuania Though 100 Years of Bilateral Relations. The Royal Danish Embassy, Vilnius, 2021.

Poulsen, N.B.: ‘”A distant past draws near’ – the Second World War’s impact on Danish security anddefense politics’, Mathias Strohn (ed.), The Long Shadow of World War II, The Legacy of the War and its Impact on Political and Military Thinking since 1945. Casemate Press, 2021.

Poulsen, N. B. & Staun, J. (eds.): Russia's Military Might. Royal Danish Defense College, Copenhagen, 2021.


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Professor Niels Bo Poulsen
Royal Danish Defence College
Chef for Institut for Strategi og Krigsstudier
Bygning 40
Ryvangs Alle 1
2100 København Ø

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