The Secretariat will aim to produce two newsletters a year, linked to this page, and e-mailed to the participants registered on the site.  Working group chairs or teams engaged in special projects may also use the site to broadcast their own newsletters or announcements.  

If you have material for distribution, please contact the Secretary at

The first newsletter is anticipated in April 2018

ISMS Newsletters

The Council and individual working groups may publish newsletters from time to time.  They will be linked here in chronological order, with most recent newsletter first.  Working groups may also post information on the working group pages.  



Other newsletters

From time to time we will post newsletters from other organizations that may be of interest to member institutions and participating individuals.  Please contact the Secretary if you would like to post a link to a newsletter here. 


Defence Education Enhancement Program (DEEP) Newsletter, March 2018


Photo, Finnish National Defence University, October 2015