The resource pages are a work in progress, and rely on participating individuals and member institutions to provide materials to share with the community.  The presentation of materials, particularly course help and readings, will also be reorganized from time to time to reflect the recommendations of users.  

If you have suggestions or wish to post materials, please contact the Secretary

This link will take you to a list of upcoming events reported by our member institutions and participants

Here you will find PDF files of professional reading lists prepared for cadets, mid-career officers, and senior professionals.  They are grouped according to general lists, lists for particular arms and services, and lists for different rank levels. 

Here you will find links to organizations and associations that are relevant to our members and participants

This link is intended to assist in developing programs and courses at defence universities, military academies, and staff colleges, by sharing program and course information relevant to common security problems. 

This is an evolving list of subject and experts from amongst our membership. There is a link to indicate your expertise when you register on the site. The site search function will help you find experts in the areas you seek.

This is a link for librarians in member organizations to broaden institutional contacts, mutual awareness, and self-help

This is a link for journal editors and contributors to share plans for upcoming special issues, and requests for peer reviewers.

The intent of the digest groups is to track major developments in the fields of military sciences (based on the working groups or other headings) and share them  for the benefit of participants and institutional members. 

The Military Sciences Handbook is a major academic reference work in preparation under the sponsorship of the ISMS. Editors are Anders Sookermany, Ryszard Szpyra and David Last. 

Other links of interest to members and participants are included here.