Call for papers for a special issue of Security and Defence Quarterly

Dorota Domalewska, editor-in-chief, Security and Defence Quarterly, War Studies University of Poland

Call for Papers: Special Issue: NATO in the Face of Emerging Security Challenges (Co-Editors: Prof. Jaroslaw Graz, Prof. George Zombanakis)

NATO for a few decades has remained committed to its role of protector and guarantor of the freedom and security of its members through both political and military means. Although for some time after the end of the Cold War Europe was focused on the first of these pillars, Russia's breach of international law in 2014 has changed the perspective. Changing borders by force, occupying parts of the neighbouring country and using separatist forces against it seemed to be part of a distant past that returned with striking impact. All of this raises questions about the security of the Eastern Flank. What steps should be undertaken to protect it against hostile Russian actions? What else, besides actions already taken, can be done to provide security to the Baltic states? How can the Suwalki Gap, bridging Poland with Lithuania and the Baltics, be effectively defended? And finally, what is the role of the Easter Flank in supporting Ukraine's resistance? These are only a few questions that may be considered.

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