Summary Report of ISMS2020 Helsinki

Kari Sainio, Matti Muhli

Dear friends and colleagues,

we hope this message finds you all well!

We wish to inform you that a summary about the ISMS2020 Conference has been published in the Past Conferences section of the ISMS website at The page features also a link to Finnish National Defence University institutional repository "Doria" where you will find all the abstracts that are authorized by authors for publication.

As all authors have not yet informed whether or not their abstracts may be published we would kindly like to ask you to confirm by responding to this message if your abstract may be published open access in the FNDU institutional repository “Doria” at Every abstract will be published separately and will receive a persistent URN identifier. The repository is a publicly open website.

Thank you all for your valuable contribution to the ISMS 2020 Conference!

With kind regards

The ISMS2020 Staff