ISMS Conference Helsinki 2020

Matti Muhli, David Last



We are happy to announce that the Offline Phase of the Conference (asynchronous) has begun.  The virtual Conference platform at has been opened to registered users, with abstracts uploaded in each working group meeting room for comment and discussion. At the moment we have registered roughly 120 users, but feel free to spread the word about the Conference in your own networks - the more the merrier!

If you registered on the Finnish National Defence University site you should also have received your personal login information to the platform. If you registered but have not received a login, please contact

If you have not registered but wish to participate now, please also contact

Please remember the common code of conduct during the Offline Phase:

  • Feel free to supplement your abstract with all kinds of multimedia, but please refrain from uploading large media files to the platform – use sharing services and external links instead
  • Keep in mind that the platform and its contents are public – stick to unclassified information only
  • Respect other discussants and mind your language – inappropriate messages (or users!) can and will be removed
  • Make new contacts and have interesting discussions!

The schedule for the Online Phase (synchronous) to be held 27-28 October will be posted soon. The Online Phase will use Zoom to host both plenary and working group discussions. 

Business meetings for military research centres, military librarians, and military journal editors will be held on 29 October, 1300-2100 Central European Time, or 0600-1300 Eastern Standard Time. There will also be a forum in this period for young scholars and new faculty members at military academies and staff colleges.

We look forward to seeing everyone online!