Award Winning Cyber Security Education Video from War Studies University, Poland

Marzena ŻAKOWSKA, PHD, Director of Global Affairs and Diplomacy Studies, War Studies University

Award-winning cyber-security awareness video

Cyber Security Awareness Video

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The main idea of the project NATO-Caber_EDU is to show the need for
cyber education of the young. NATO as an organization faces 
hybrid threats everyday and is in a strong position to contribute to an
education program focusing on awareness. We strengthen national security by
raising awareness of the true nature of hybrid threats amongst the young
digital generation.

The project was developed by a group of students from the National
Security Faculty at the War Studies University led by Tomasz Michałowski
and included Urszula Jaśkiewicz, Adrian Bartosiewicz and Damian
Skrodzki. Mr. Radosław Kaczmarek (a prospective PhD student) and I have
provided guidance during the project development. We hope that this
project will contribute to the development of cyberthreat awareness,
education and promote natural resistance to hybrid threats within the
community especially the young.

Director of Global Affairs and Diplomacy Studies
National Security Faculty
War Studies University
al. gen. A. Chruściela 103
00-910 Warsaw, Poland
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