Military Academy Staff Discussion of Common Issues

Lieutenant Colonel Rene Poulin

Lieutenant-Colonel René Poulin, Director of Cadets at Royal Military College of Saint-Jean, is looking to get in touch with counterparts in other military academies. Understanding that the International of Association of Military Academies (IAMA) mission is to promote knowledge and competency sharing in the field of training and education between member military academies, I would like to know if any of my counterparts would be interested in holding a very informal virtual meeting in order to discuss various issues that we may have in common.


LCol Poulin would be interested to discuss on a variety of subjects such as:

  • Drug and alcohol policies on campus;
  • Dynamics in men/women relationships (equality, perceptions, inappropriate behaviors…);
  • Meeting fitness standards;
  • Maintaining discipline;
  • Leadership development of officer cadets;
  • Any success stories (any field);

The intent would be to keep this meeting informal and low maintenance (i.e. no complicated setup). It could be as simple as initiating a zoom meeting or some other platform, where counterparts could join. LCol Poulin would propose to be the host for the 1st meeting (assuming there could be more meetings if this is deemed a success after the first one). I could propose a date and timing that would hopefully be suitable for all, maybe even before the end of April.


Let me know if we can reach out to the other academies and if any are interested to participate and I’ll coordinate the details. I put my biography in cc just in case. Maybe some people will recognize me from our ISoMA in Sweden.




LCol Rene Poulin

Director of Officer Cadets / Royal Military College Saint-Jean
Canadian Armed Forces / Government of Canada 


Lieutenant-Colonel René Poulin, CD, Biographic Note