Book project on the nature of modern war for ISMS Working Group 1

Marzena Zakowska, PhD

Call for papers: The Nature of Modern War

We are happy to announce a new book project on “The Nature of Modern War”, in cooperation with the International Society of Military Sciences (ISMS).  

The purpose of the project is to develop and apply a framework for approaching modern war, which is understood as a conflict ongoing in a continuous space between peace and war. The main problems to be examined are: the conceptual framework for modern war; kinetic and non-kinetic operations in contemporary conflict; and non-kinetic instruments of contemporary war.

You all are warmly invited to send in short abstracts by 30 July 2021 for chapter proposals on the following topics:

  1. Redefinition of the concept of war and armed conflict.
  2. Establishing a theoretical framework for the study modern war.
  3. Examining the causes of war.
  4. Analyzing the relations between the battlefield domains.
  5. Evaluating the strategy and tactics of contemporary war. 
  6. Examining military operations conducted in the “grey zone “.
  7. Identifying challenges for contemporary peace support operations. 
  8. Investigating the challenges posed by the use of new military technology in conducting war      with emphasis on the problems’ opportunities and probabilities of winning wars.
  9. Analyzing logistic support in peace, transition to war, and war.
  10. Exploring crisis management responses to hybrid threats and hybrid war.
  11. Investigating social-psychological aspects of contemporary wars.
  12. Examining the conflict resolution tools for modern war.
  13. A “free topic” (i.e., any other topic you would like to propose/choose for your contribution) to be considered on its merit by the editors.

Please consider the following:

The abstract (max 400 words in US English) should include: a) background of the problems elaborated in the chapter (article), b) aim of the study; c) methodological framework (e.g., theory used, methods);   d) short conclusion; e) short recommendation(s); d) up to 6 key words (11 pt. Font size, single spacing).

Paper - expected length 8000 - 12000 words, size 12 pt., font Times New Roman, 1,5 line spacing.

The editors strongly recommend a holistic, interdisciplinary approach, that includes theoretical frameworks and research methods from various sciences, e.g.: history, political science, security science, military science, political philosophy, sociology, law, ethics.

The chapters accepted for the project will be a presented and discussed at a dedicated panel in the 2021 ISMS Conference that will take place in a blended format at the Royal Military College of Canada, Kingston, Ontario, 11-14 October 2021 (

Deadline - abstract submission: 30 July 2021. 

Abstract proposals should be addressed to the editor, Marzena Żakowska, PhD., (;, National Security Faculty of the War Studies University, Poland. Submitting authors will be informed of the decision by 15 July 2021.

Join us in this endeavor