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Military Sciences – The Backbone of Military Educational Institutions?

How science can contribute to prepare the military organization for the life and tasks of conducting military operations.
The 2017 ISMS conference takes place in Oslo 15–17 November. 

Conference Programme and administrative information (pdf) (updated 13 November)

Conference is now closed for registration.

Number of papers: approx. 100

Number of participants: 145, from 5 continents

The next couple of years, the Norwegian Armed Forces will be undergoing an educational reform which means a downsizing of the organisation while simultaneously seeking to retain the output quality. It has come to our understanding that this is not a unique situation for Norway, so there is a common need for improved international scientific networking and pooling of academic resources.

The 2017 conference seeks to increase the value of the ISMS to its member institutions and improve its visibility to their teaching and research staff. 

This year’s conference will explore the value of science in military education. We dig into the sub-sciences of Military Sciences in an attempt to describe, understand and explain how science can illuminate various aspects of military organisations as well as contribute to prepare the military organization for the life and tasks of conducting military operations. This is meant to be an including, rather than excluding, theme to elaborate on and should lead to improved networking between the participants and a strengthening of the ISMS. 

Wednesday 15 November

Teaching Culture Conference organized and hosted by the Norwegian Military Academy (go to separate event homepage) 

Ice Breaker
15 November, 19.00, Oslo Militære Samfund (Oslo Military Society), Myntgata 3 (right outside the Akershus Fortress).


Thursday 16 November

Military Sciences – The Backbone of Military Educational Institutions?

The International Society for Military Sciences Annual Conference 2017, organized and hosted by the Norwegian Defence University College (NDUC) in Oslo.

09.00–17.00, The Oslo Congress Center, Youngs gate 21. 
See also this map. 
Registration starts 08.15

  • Administrative remarks
  • Welcome and opening by Dean of the NDUC, Dr Kristine Offerdal
  • Opening address by the President of ISMS, Dr Anders McD Sookermany
  • Keynote speech by Professor Dr Janne Haaland Matlary, University of Oslo, Adjunct Professor NDUC/NCSC
  • Coffee break
  • Parallel working group session 1


  • Poster session
  • Coffee break
  • Parallel working group session 2

Conference dinner

19.00–23.00, Artilleriloftet (The Artillery Loft) listed as "Fanehallen" on the map, entrance opposite the Defence Museum, Akershus Fortress. 

Friday 17 November

09.00–17.00, The Oslo Congress Center, Youngs gate 21. 

See also this map.

  • Parallel working group session 3

Coffee break

  • Parallel working group session 4


  • Parallel working group session 5
  • Concluding remarks by the Working Group´ Chairs, chaired by the President of ISMS, Dr Anders McD Sookermany



Conference fee, arrival and accommodation

Conference fee

By signing up, the participants agree to pay (in accordance with the Charter for ISMS article 5 §11) a share for the catering and dinner of NOK 1 000 by credit card (VISA or MasterCard) when they register for the conference.

Registration is possible

  • during the Ice Breaker at Oslo Military Society (OMS) Wednesday 15 November from 19.00 and onwards
  • from 08.00 to 09.00 in Oslo Congress Center (OCC) Main Hall.

Bring a valid ID card for the registration. After registration, the participants will receive a folder with the Programme, the Book of Abstracts, and a name tag that has to be worn visibly to get access to the presentations.


Uniformed and civilian dressed Military Police will monitor the activities and conduct sporadic control of name tags to ensure only registered participants are allowed access to the conference.

Dress Code

During the Conference it is expected a minimum standard of “Smart Casual” and during the Conference Dinner the dress code is “Jacket – open collar”.

Arrival and departure

The recommended hotels are within approximately 5 minutes walking distance to the Oslo Central railway station (Oslo Sentralstasjon).

There are frequent trains between Oslo International Airport Gardermoen and Oslo Central station (click to see map). “Flytoget” is the fastest (19–22 minutes) and costs NOK 180 one way.
The regional “NSB” train L12, R10 and R11 (23 minutes) costs NOK 93 one way.

Please note that “Flytoget” and “NSB” have separate ticket systems.

We also recommend the Google map app, or similar to find your way around Oslo.


The hotels listed below are all in the area between the Oslo Congress Centre and Akershus Fortress, no more than 10–15 minutes walking distance from where the activities will take place.

The hotels offer discounts for the Norwegian Armed Forces (à NOK 300–500 reduction)

To achieve the reduced prices, use the booking code «Forsvaret ISMS 2017». The booking also requires a valid credit card number.

In order to to get the reduced prices, we recommend participants to book rooms as early as possible as no rooms are reserved. If you are not offered the price above, the reason is that the hotel is fully booked for that price and will only offer full price.


Points of Contact

The Conference Committee: E-mail:

Head of the Conference Committee:

Eystein Lockwood Meyer
Commander SG (OF-4)
Phone: +47 2309 5812, mobile: +47 9005 5494