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Conference of Defence Associations Institute

 15th Annual Graduate Student Symposium - Canada’s Security Interests


Currie Hall, Royal Military College of Canada

Kingston, Ontario

Thursday & Friday, October 25-26, 2012

 The CDA Institute’s 15th Annual Graduate Student Symposium, Canada’s Security Interests will be held on October 25-26, 2012, and is currently accepting papers from Masters and Doctoral students.

 The symposium is conducted in collaboration with the Royal Military College of Canada, Canadian Defence and Foreign Affair’s Institute, Chair of Defence Studies Queen’s University and Queen’s Centre for International and Defence Policy.

 We welcome presentations conducting contemporary and historical analyses of:


. National security and defence policy;

 . Insurgency, counter-insurgency, and terrorism;

 . Conventional warfare and campaign planning;

 . Canadian military campaigns and operations;

 . Security and defence alliances, peace enforcement, and peace support operations;

 . Conflict resolution and intra-state conflict issues;

 . Defence economics, military procurement, and the role of defence industrial base;

 . Energy and Resource security; and

  . Other non-traditional threats to security.

 The top three presentations will be awarded special recognition and cash prizes of $1,000, $500, and $250 for first, second, and third place respectively.

 In addition to the cash awards, the CDA Institute is pleased to offer a $2,000 stipend to each of the top three presentations for students to develop their papers into a CDA Institute publication. Students will work with our Editorial Board to develop their papers into a 5,000 word peer reviewed publication.

 The CDA Institute is very pleased to also be promoting the International Society of Military Science’s 4th Annual Conference, Balancing Domestic and International Security Requirement, which is to be held at the Royal Military College of Canada on 23 and 24 October also in Currie Hall. We are hopeful that you will join us at both events for all four days.

 For more information, please contact Paul Hillier at / (613) 236-9903 or visit our website at The deadline for submissions is September 23, 2012.



 L’Institut de la conférence des associations de la défense


15ième Symposium annuel des étudiants diplômés - Les intérêts canadiens en matière de sécurité


Salle Currie, Collège militaire royal du Canada

Kingston, Ontario

Les jeudi 25 et vendredi 26 octobre 2012


Le 15ème Symposium annuel des étudiants diplômés, de l’Institut de la CAD, qui aura pour  thème Les intérêts du Canada en matière de sécurité, sera tenu les 25 et 26 octobre 2012; on accepte actuellement des communications proposées par des étudiants de maîtrise et de doctorat.

 Le symposium est tenu en collaboration avec le Collège militaire royal du Canada, l’Institut Canadien de la Défense et des Affaires Étrangères, la chaire d'Études en gestion de la défense et le Centre d’études de politiques internationales et de défense de Queen’s.

 Les exposés acceptables peuvent porter sur les dimensions contemporaines et historiques des thèmes suivants :


                . les politiques de sécurité et de défense nationales ;

                 . l'insurrection, la contre-insurrection et le terrorisme ;

                 . la planification de la guerre et des campagnes conventionnelles ;

                 . la campagnes et les opérations militaires canadiennes ;

                 . les alliances de sécurité et de défense, les opérations d'imposition de la paix, de maintien de la paix ;

                 . la résolution des conflits et les enjeux des conflits intérieurs des États ;

                 . l'économie de la défense, l'approvisionnement militaire et le rôle de la base industrielle de la défense ;

                 . la sécurité de l'énergie et des ressources ; et

                 . les autres menaces non-traditionnelles à la sécurité.


Un prix de $1 000 sera offert à la meilleure présentation. Des prix de $ 500 et de $ 250 seront offerts aux deuxième et troisième meilleures présentations.

 En plus des prix en espèces, l’Institut de la CAD a l’honneur d’offrir  une allocation de 2 000$ aux trois élèves qui remporteront la première, deuxième et troisième place.  Le but de cette allocation est d’aider les élèves à transformer leur présentation en une publication de l’Institut de la CAD. Les élèves travailleront avec notre comité de rédaction afin de rédiger une publication de 5 000 mots en suivant le processus d’évaluation par les pairs.

 L’Institut de la CAD a le grand plaisir de faire la promotion du 4e congrès annuel de la International Society of Military Science, Équilibrer le besoin de sécurité à l’interne et à l’international, qui se tiendra au Collège militaire royal du Canada les 23 et 24 octobre aussi dans la salle Currie. Nous espérons que vous nous joindrez pendant que les quartes journées pour les deux conférences. 

 Pour plus d’information, veuillez contacter Paul Hillier à : ou au 613-236-9903, ou visiter notre site Web, au Les personnes intéressées sont invitées à soumettre leurs projets de communication au plus tard le 23 septembre 2012.



Call for Papers/ Participation:  Baltic Defence College 2012 Workshop on Current Issues in European Security

 On 11-12 June 2012 the Baltic Defence College in Tartu, Estonia, will host a two day academic workshop on the subject of Current Issues in European Security. We are organizing several panels for presentations that will cover a variety of European Security Issues to include: the European security environment, likely threats to European Security 2012-2022, the future of NATO and EU security arrangements, Insights from the Libya Operation 2011, the future of the European defense technology industry. 

 We welcome papers and participation from individual academics and institutions.  We especially invite papers and panel proposals from academics in Latvia, Estonia and Lithuania.

 We can support speakers per providing accommodation while at the workshop. If you are interested in presenting a paper please contact Dr. James Corum (Dean of the Baltic Defence College) at or Lt. Col. Dr. Mika Kertunnen (Chair of the Department of Management and Officership, Baltic Defence College) at

 We anticipate publishing selected papers of the workshop.

 If you wish to present a paper please send a proposal and abstract to Dr. Corum and Lt. Col. Kertunnen before 1 April 2012.


 BALTDEFCOL hosts a Major International Conference


On November 8-10 the Baltic Defence College hosted a major international conference of the International Society of Military Sciences. (ISMS)

 More than 100 academics, most of them from military staff colleges that are partnered with the Baltic Defence College, came to Tartu to the Dorpat Conference Center where they presented papers and held panel discussions on a wide variety of security policy issues. More than 80 papers were presented by a group of defence academics from all over Europe, North America and the Baltic countries. Faculty members from Tartu University, the University of Latvia and the Estonian, Latvian and Lithuanian national military academies all participated. It was truly a Baltic and international event.

 The Conference keynote speeches were given by the Lithuanian Air Force Commander Major General Edvartas Mažeikis and Dr. Jaak Aaviksoo, Estonian Minister of Education and Research. The closing summary was made by Professor Žaneta Ozoliņa of the University of Latvia. The conference was able to bring together top defense academics, especially from the Baltic and European regions, to discuss issues of current concern.

 The ISMS was founded three years ago as a partnership of eight schools of higher military education. The ISMS schools are: The Royal Danish Defence College, the Netherlands National Defence Academy, the Swedish National Defence College, The Norwegian Defence University College, the Finnish National Defence University, the Austrian National Defence Academy, the Royal Military College of Canada and the Baltic Defence College. The ISMS is dedicated to supporting research in all aspects of security studies among the faculty and students of the eight schools.  The ISMS is organized into working groups that deal with such areas such as armed forces and society, military history, war studies, military technology.  The ISMS is also a growing organization, with the Polish national Defence University and the Belgian Staff College being voted into the ISMS in the November meeting.

 The Baltic Defence College has held the leadership in the ISMS for the last year and the ISMS Conference is one of the largest international events to ever be hosted by the Baltic Defence College. The Baltic Defence College received considerable support from its partner Baltic universities and institutions to host the event.

  Download pictures from the Conference 



The 2011 ISMS Conference will be held in Tartu, Estonia

You are invited to attend the ISMS annual Conference in Tartu, Estonia on 9-10 November 2011.
The Conference will be hosted by the Baltic Defence College.
The theme of the Conference wil be "Adapting to Modern Security Challenges"

Download the registration form 

All participants will stay at the Dorpat Hotel. For further information and registration see:

Memo: On Publishing ISMS 2011 Conference papers 

Call For Papers International Society for Military Sciences (ISMS) Annual Conference 9-10 November 2011!